Neti, Neti (Not that, Not that)

12 step recovery baptiste yoga recovery what is yoga yoga and twelve step recovery Nov 07, 2022


Remember that saying we’re “human beings not human doings”? Cliches may feel trite and overused, but they remain true for many of us.

Maybe you can relate— “Busy” season is in full swing. Some days I look at my calendar and I’m like “um, who planned this day?” 🙋‍♀️ Yep, that would be me. 

That’s why this week’s Luminous Recovery Yoga podcast episode is called “Neti, neti” which is a Sanskrit phrase that means “not that, not that.” 

There is a tendency to falsely identify with all of the things that there are to do in a day as the sole reason for existence. We place a lot of value on how much we can accomplish as though we are those things. In this episode, I propose that we are ➡️not that, not that.

If we are not the sum of our doings, then who are we and how do we value life outside of the busyness? Lately, I’ve been finding value in naps.😴

I love taking this principle to the mat. What if savasana, our final resting pose, became a revolutionary act?. How often do we feel the need to justify, rationalize, or even deserve rest? Lately, I’ve been taking a midday nap and oh, boy do the gremlins in my head have something to say about that! 🧌

This week's episode:

And once you’ve listened, how about some embodied understanding in one of my yoga classes? Come and find out how it feels to be your best yourself on the mat.

 If the gremlins in your head have something to say, just remember ⬅️not that, not that

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