J.A.D.E.--Justify, Argue, Defend, Explain

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If you listen to my weekly podcast, you know that I love a good acronym! Acronyms are a type of mnemonic device that can help increase your ability to recall and retain information. This week I teach you all about J.A.D.E—which stands for justify, argue, defend, and explain.

Maybe you can relate— Saying ‘no’ can feel super hard, especially when saying ‘no’ to a loved one. There is an urge to give lots of details about why in the form of a justification, argument, defense, or lonnnnnggggggg explanation. Sometimes I even pre-prepare my J.A.D.E. statements before anyone even asks me anything at all. 🤣

That’s why this week’s episode of the Luminous Recovery Yoga podcast is all about J.A.D.E., something we ought not do (at least not so much!).

‘No’ is a complete sentence. The word ‘no’ is not inherently mean and we can even practice saying it with love and a smile. 😀 The experience of J.A.D.E. often comes out like word vomit. 🤮All the words swell up in the throat and a whole story with every detail spews out as to why, how come, and because

What would it feel like to say ‘no’, or to make or receive a simple request without having to add in the song, dance, and silly hat to boot? 🎩👢What could it feel like to not justify, argue, defend, or explain ourselves so much and so often?

I love taking this principle to the mat. Offer yourself an invitation to rest, or be with your body just as you are without justification, argument, defense, or explanation? This is what acceptance feels like. Very often, you can try out these principles with yourself before directing them outwardly.

This week's episode:

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