My Interview with Nikki Myers--Creator of Y12SR

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Recently, I went on a one hour coffee date with a man I met on a dating app.

He didn’t ask excellent questions, as I generally hope a prospect might, but he did manage to ask one relevant question which was, “what do you do?”

The question lit up my eyes because I love what I do, and I feel revived when I get the chance to talk about it. 

My sparkly-eyed response, “I’m a yoga teacher with a yoga studio and I have a couple of podcasts. I love to podcast. In fact, I have some great interviews coming up with influential people in my field!”

“Oh,” he said. “Well, you should interview me for your podcast.”

I stared blankly for a moment. My first instinctual thought was “Why the hell would I interview you for my podcast?!” Clearly, my tinder date thinks he’s cool.

But instead, I politely said, “Oh, interesting idea. Do you have a pitch? How would the interview relate to yoga and recovery?”

“Yeah, it’ll be fun,” and he continued to talk about himself. It started to sound like the teacher from Charlie Brown, “mwah wah wah wah mwah.” I didn’t love it.

(Sigh) The coffee date was only an hour. I can do anything for one hour.

Dearest, Listener,

I vow to never interview my rando coffee date for the podcast. No matter how cool he thinks he is. I just wouldn’t do that to you or me


It was an honor to interview Nikki Myers, the creator, mastermind, and pioneer behind Yoga of 12 Step Recovery, affectionately known as Y12SR.

Y12SR is a 12-step based discussion and yoga practice open to anyone and everyone dealing with their own addictive behavior or affected by the addictive behavior of others. If you aren’t in recovery, this group is also for the recovery curious.

If you’ve been a listener of the podcast or in my realm for a while, you know I talk about Y12SR quite a bit. It’s actually the blueprint for the Luminous Recovery Yoga podcast.

In this week’s episode of the Luminous Recovery Yoga podcast I share my fabulous interview with Nikki Myers.

Nikki shares about the disease of the lost self, what a wisdom posture is, and the impact that Y12SR has had on the recovery community and how it has contributed to the larger conversation around addiction and recovery.

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I hope you enjoy listening to this episode as much as I enjoyed recording it.

It’s my goal to bring you more interviews this year from folks who are yoga and recovery change makers. 

So, no dis to my coffee date for wanting to crash the podcast. Although, even if the podcast were about cool Tinder dates, I still probably wouldn’t have interviewed him. Lol. 

In any case, I hope you enjoy this week’s episode of the Luminous Recovery Yoga podcast.

With love,


Additional Links for Nikki's workshops and to connect with her:

Instagram:  @Y12SR  

Leave a five star review for the show on Apple Podcasts and you’ll be entered to win a $50 Amazon gift card! 🎊🎊🎊 (email screenshot to [email protected])

This Week's Episode:


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