Savasana as a Revolutionary Act

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Early on in my yoga practice a discussion about savasana had come up one day while at the yoga studio. I said to the person with whom I was speaking that “I’m not here for that.” LOL! As a novice yogi, Kari thought she was a little too cool and evolved for savasana. 🤦🤣🙄Oh, gosh. Retelling this story makes me cringe, but we all start from somewhere!

Maybe you can relate— Why does it feel so hard to take it easy and relax sometimes? Or, if I am relaxing, there’s an air of panic and guilt to it. If you’ve been reading my weekly newsletters lately, I’ve been adamant with this discussion about why it’s so damn hard to take it easy.

That’s why this week’s episode of the Luminous Recovery Yoga podcast is all about Savasana, our final resting pose at the end of yoga practice. In this episode, I suggest that we can practice Savasana As a Revolutionary Act.

Savasana generally comes at the end of yoga practice. Savasana comes from the Sanskrit word Śava, which means corpse. Resting requires practice as much as anything else we do with our time. In our highly industrialized society, taking time for rest is a skillful act of resistance and defiance.

What would it be like to rest without guilt? Or to put the phone down and say no to Meta products! (I swore I would never call it that.🤣) What is your relationship to rest these days? Here's a free guide to get your thoughts flowing about your relationship to rest.

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I love taking this principle to the mat. This week, try a short savasana practice. Savasana looks as much like doing a yoga practice as taking sun salutations and warrior poses. Take savasana on purpose and with the intention to rest your body.

FYI: I’m going to start producing the Luminous Recovery Yoga podcast bi-weekly. You’ll still hear from me every Monday, but I’ll be alternating my content. I’m discovering what it means to strike a balance between creating and rejuvenating.

This week's episode:

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