55 Minute Flow with Yoga Blocks

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This class includes the use of blocks throughout. I like using blocks in my practice. It gives you about 6 extra inches from the floor to work with. It isn't always ideal on your hands. Find a comfortable way to grip the blocks with your hands. I like to put the butt of my palm on the edge of the blocks and let the rest of my fingers grip loosely. Make sure you aren't slipping around. The blocks ought to feel stable under your hands. Keeping the blocks on the second setting is pretty stabilizing for me, so just feel it out for yourself and notice what works. Be at play with the distance between feet and again, notice where you need to place your feet in order to feel stable. If you like flowing with the blocks, feel free to do it all the time. I can step forward and back a lot smoother when I have blocks. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out [email protected]