20 Minute Integration flow

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One major change that occurred for me in 2022 was finding sobriety. As of writing this, I have 137 days weed and alcohol free. 🎉

On New Year's Eve I had the honor of being the front door ticket taker at a big party where roughly 300 people rang in the new year with upbeat electronic music. It was a full on blast. Bringing my grounded, sober presence to the door was service to the community and to myself. In my experience, this is what integration feels like—I get to invite my whole self to the party without trying to hide, shirk, or minimize parts of myself. 🥳

It feels appropriate to start out the new year with the theme of integration for this week’s yoga practice episode of Baptiste Power Vinyasa Flow Yoga with Kari.

Integration is about bringing together all the different parts of yourself - physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual - and finding harmony within. It's about accepting yourself as you are, with all your imperfections and flaws, and finding a way to be present with whatever arises in each moment.

Maybe you can relate—integrating all those parts of yourself can be a real challenge. It's easy to get caught up in the stress and chaos of daily life, and before you know it, you're a hot mess of jumbled up emotions and thoughts. 🔥

But that's where yoga comes in! By taking a few minutes to focus on your breath and body, you can start to untangle all those knots and find a sense of cohesiveness and clarity.

One way I like to think about integration is by inviting all the different parts of myself to a tea party.🫖☕

I envision each part of myself as a separate guest, and I invite them all to come together in a space of acceptance and understanding. It's amazing how much can be resolved when you give each part of yourself the opportunity to be heard and seen.

So, as we welcome in the new year, let's make a commitment to bring more integration into our lives, on and off the mat.

To help you get started, I've created an interactive PDF guide with some thoughtful questions for consideration. You can use this guide on its own or as an accompaniment to this week's episode, which is a potent integration practice.

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And once you’ve listened, consider joining me for a LIVE yoga class in-person or virtually. Come and find out how it feels to bring your whole self to the mat.

Join me in ringing in the new year with a little bit of integration, a whole lot of laughter, and an invitation to bring your inner hot mess to tea. Here's to all of you!

With love,


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