Ep. 26 | Starting Your Own Business as Recovery | Interview with Amy Porterfield

Starting Your Own Business as Recovery | interview with Amy Porterfield


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⭐⭐Things have been a little rough inside of my head lately. 


I get down and serious about myself like “what am I doing, and why am I here?” If only I could have the play-by-play blueprint of my Higher Power’s plan for me, then I could just chill out, right?


I’ve shared pretty openly about the fact that 2022 was a doozy of a year and I’m coming up on the one year anniversary of some of those changes. So, I’ve been feeling reflective.


While 2022 was kinda rough, by the end of the year an amazing thing happened…


I clicked her calendar, booked a spot, and within 2 minutes had an email confirmation that I had received the interview.


My *immediate* reaction was sheer panic.


I called a friend of mine (who understands the celebrity that is Amy Porterfield) and I started babbling that Amy’s gonna find out that I don't have a huge email list, she’s gonna cancel this interview spot, so I shouldn't get too excited about it.


My friend was like, “Wait, Amy found out you don’t have a big email list and canceled?”


I said, “No, she’s gonna find out and then cancel.”


My friend said, “Um, I don’t think that’s gonna happen, so just enjoy this moment.”


Just enjoy this moment? What does that even mean?


Fast forward to three weeks later, and it’s time to sit down for my interview with Amy (because she didn’t cancel it (obvi)).


She said if she had one piece of advice to give to new entrepreneurs it’s to “be nicer to yourself.”


Wait, wait, wait a damn minute. You’re telling me that even a celebrity entrepreneur has a shitty committee inside of her head?


Yep. Because Amy, first and foremost, is a human being with a brain.


Hearing that my celebrity-business-mentor-idle says mean things to herself humbled me.


Ultimately, it isn’t a unique experience to struggle, it’s human. 


This interview was so freaking fun to make and I sure hope you enjoy it. 


You may (or may not) be shocked at how much recovery language is in her book.


Amy talks about progress not perfection, and how to keep it simple when it comes to starting your own online business. 


She identifies as a recovering people pleaser and says that overcommitment is an addiction.


Overall, this interview is jam packed with recovery wisdom, tidbits about her new book, and sage advice about leaving the job you do not love to start your online dream business.


If you’re interested in learning more about the book, here’s the direct link to the book website: www.twoweeksnoticebook.com


I hope you enjoy listening to this as much as I enjoyed interviewing Amy. She’s a doll, and I hope you love it.


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