Ep. 27 | The Gift of Confusion

The Gift of Confusion | Luminous Recovery Yoga


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I once had a teacher who said that “confusion is a mask that we wear to avoid being in our greatness.”


That always stuck with me.


Sometimes, when I get confused about what I’m doing with my life, I dive into a deep state of reaction and fear. 


It’s possible that confusion can be a tool for letting me know when it’s not time to act.


Rather than becoming too invested in the confusion itself, it can be a guidepost that more will be revealed later.


That’s why this week’s episode of the Luminous Recovery Yoga podcast is called The Gift of Confusion.


Maybe you can relate—sometimes I have a serious need to know everything. I want to know who, what, where, when, why, and how everything will work out. 


When I don’t have all of the details about how my entire life will unfold, then I convince myself that I’m confused.


Really, I’m not confused, it’s just not time to know.

When I am confused, often I’m trying to figure things out.


I have learned that life is not something to figure out, but rather, to be experienced.


I love taking this principle to the mat. Sometimes a yoga class or practice can be confusing. Maybe you don’t know what the teacher is asking you to do, or aren’t sure what the pose is “supposed to look like.” How often do you take that confusion personally? Like, maybe there’s something wrong with you, rather than just allowing yourself to be present to the moment. What happens for you when you become confused? How do you respond or react?


I made you a handy PDF for this week’s episode on the Gift of Confusion. There are questions for you to consider about your relationship to confusion. These questions are just for your consideration. Take what you like and leave the rest!




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