I changed into my yoga pants on the Ross Island Bridge

balance baptiste yoga beginners yoga chair yoga Jan 30, 2023


I’ll never forget the time I was frantically trying to get to yoga class.

This was a common occurrence for me when I first started practicing in a yoga studio.

The class started at 4 pm. I would leave work *promptly* at 3:20, which in theory was supposed to give me enough time to get to the studio, put my yoga pants on, and be in the room ready for class.

However, even one snag, like an emergency vehicle passing by, or the average Portlanders resistance to merge into traffic, could put a wrench in my tightly planned schedule.

On this one particular day, I was working very hard to get to class on time, but there was traffic over the Ross Island Bridge and things were moving like molasses.

I knew I was going to be late, but how late was the question.

I took matters into my own hands: 

Accept the things I cannot change➡️ traffic ✅. (Read that post here.)

Courage to change the things I can➡️ this is where things got weird. (Read that post here.)

I decided that if I could change my clothes right now, it would save me time once I arrived at the studio, thus making me less late.

So, I did that. 🤦‍♀️

I started with my sports bra. I maneuvered one bra off and the other bra on under my shirt. 

What people in the other cars saw that day, I’ll never know.

Next, I had to change pants—this was the tricky part. 

Maneuvering my feet on the pedals, while taking off one pair of pants and putting on another (sweating like crazy, mind you) was just an experience I’ll never forget. 

Without creating a major traffic accident, getting arrested for public indecency, or being a distracted driver, or a combination of all three, I changed into my yoga pants on the Ross Island Bridge.

Sometimes, I wonder if a parallel universe exists where I caused a bridge accident with my yoga pants bound up at my ankles and massive amounts of butt sweat on my car seat. I thank Higher Power I’ll never know.

Now, all of that to say that if virtual yoga had been a thing at the time, I would’ve just gone home, changed pants, and taken the class online. 

It would’ve given me the chance to attend class without making a splashy entrance, or sketchy decisions whilst driving over a body of water.

I notice that some studios are eliminating their online options now that the “pandemic is over.” (Although, that’s a debatable statement.)

Having choices is important. The choice to attend a class in-person and online has been a game changer. Sometimes you wake up with a scratchy throat, can’t leave the house, have a two year old, or need a little extra time.

Even greater a choice, is having the option to take a succinct, potent little practice on YouTube/Apple Podcasts/Spotify with Kari. Or a longer practice through a members-only video-on-demand library.

This week’s episode of Baptiste Power Vinyasa Flow Yoga with Kari is Chair Yoga with Balancing. You’d be so surprised what you could do with a chair in yoga.

Now, I know what some of you might be thinking—I don’t need a chair to practice yoga.

Using a chair in your yoga practice can provide a stable base for balancing poses, allowing you to focus on your breath and alignment rather than wobbling around like a drunken sailor.

Plus, the chair can provide a comfortable and supportive seat for your hips and lower back.

This nifty little sequence can be done at work or at home, in your button-up shirt and work slacks, or pj bottoms.

The purpose of a chair practice is that you can do yoga right where you are.

So, use your chair to produce a little magic and see what happens. 

You don’t always need to hustle to yoga class, change pants on the bridge, and sweat yourself into a tizzy cuz you might be late.

Do yoga where you are, right now.

This Week’s Episode

If it’s been a long time (or never) since we’ve connected, I would love to see you in class (in-person or virtually).

It’s never been a better time to join me at Luminous Recovery Yoga.

If there’s a class time you’re looking for that you don’t see on the schedule, hit ‘reply’ and tell me what class time would get you here or what’s stopping you in general.

I’d love to see you on your mat (or the chair) soon. 🥰

With love,



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