Yoga can restore your body to sanity

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Sometimes I can get myself into a real tizzy.

A tizzy comes with an entire set of physical, mental, and emotional reactions. Over the course of time, in getting to know myself better, I’ve learned to identify a tizzy when it’s happening in my body.

Physically, my body temperature becomes dysregulated and can shift between extreme hot and cold. My body begins to shake and I feel an emptiness in my gut. My breath is shallow, and my heart rate pounds.

Mentally, my thinking becomes distorted. My thoughts move really fast and it becomes difficult to follow a train of thought. In fact, my “train of thought” becomes a full on train wreck.

Emotionally, things get extreme. Whatever emotional state I’m experiencing in the tizzy will become amplified—this might vacillate between extreme highs and lows.

When moments like that arise, the best thing I can do for myself is to stay close to the ground. 

I mean this metaphorically, but also literally. The closer I can get my body to the ground, the better. Sometimes, putting my body on the floor is the most literal way to get grounded.

This week’s episode of Baptiste Power Vinyasa Flow yoga with Kari is called Restore. It’s an 18-minute practice that keeps your body low to the ground. 

Maybe you can relate— being in a tizzy is not a generally comfortable experience. When I’m in a tizzy not much else can happen until I get my body to settle. A tizzy creates a bundle of stress and anxiety. That’s why having a yoga practice has been so crucial for my recovery. 

Yoga is a power greater than me that can restore me to sanity.

I love taking this principle to the mat. Yoga can help to reduce stress and anxiety. When a tizzy settles in, yoga is a way to bring yourself back to the present moment. When the mind and emotions begin to spin, you can restore yourself to presence through the physical body. Putting your body physically on the ground can become a lifeline for generating ease and calm in an upset system. When you increase strength and resilience in your body, you increase strength and resilience in your mind and emotions. What affects one area of the body, will affect the complete system.

This week’s episode:

The next time you find yourself in a tizzy, notice what your body is doing. How does the body physically respond to your thoughts and emotions? The body is powerful and if you’re listening, it will tell you everything you need to know in the moment.

I hope you enjoy this week’s practice. It’s available on Youtube, Apple Podcasts, and Spotify

If you’re ever wanting something specific, hit ‘reply’ and let me know. I love taking requests and might integrate that into an upcoming practice video.

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