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13 Minute Vinyasa Yoga Flow

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A short & refreshing 13 minute vinyasa yoga flow, complete with savasana.

Let me know in the Youtube comments if you like short flows and want more of them!

How do I practice vinyasa flow yoga with blocks?

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This video will teach you how to incorporate blocks into your vinyasa yoga practice. It is a 55 minute flow class that will include the blocks throughout the entire class. You can utilize these techniques in any vinyasa yoga class. I suggest a good, grippy mat. I love Manduka mats and blocks the best. You will need a pair of firm yoga blocks. A squishy block isn't going to give you proper support to hold your weight. Play with what you like best. Let me know in the YouTube comments if you like this flow and want more classes using blocks!

13 minute chill yoga flow

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This yoga flow is super chill! One of the things I love about it is that we don't stand up, not even once. It's short, but it's the perfect amount to go inside for short bit. I hope you love it. I made it with you in mind.

10 minute meditation

The whole world is in your hands 

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Meditation is an important piece of practicing yoga. This meditation was taken as the final snippet of a yoga class. You can enjoy this meditation on its own or you can do this meditation after practicing a little yoga. Make a comfortable seat for yourself. I suggest sitting while you meditate. If you are sitting on a chair or cushion, scoot your butt all the way to the edge. Your knees ought to be lower than your hips to keep a tall spine. If you have questions, please leave them in the comments and I'll reply to you.

Get Sweaty Vinyasa Yoga Flow

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 This class is a pretty classic Baptiste Journey Into Power class with some variations. It'll get you nice and sweaty. If you have the time, stay for the whole thing including the meditation at the end. Enjoy!

Yoga Flow with No Inversions 

This yoga flow doesn't have any inversions in it. Inversions are poses that place our heads below our hips and heart. There are no downward dogs, forward folds, or even child's pose in this practice. This practice is good for folks who might be recovering from an eye or head injury. Anytime you aren't wanting additional pressure to the head, we want to eliminate inversions.

5 Minute Vinyasa Flow

This gentle 5 minute vinyasa yoga flow is great for morning, noon, or night. Use it anytime you have 5 minutes and need to get your body moving and calm.

15 Minute Chair Yoga Flow 

This yoga class can be done entirely in a chair. If you don't have a chair available, you can sit on the edge of a couch too. Place the chair either on top of a yoga mat, against the wall, or on carpet so the chair stays in place. This flow is mellow and an opportunity for relaxation and rejuvenation where ever you are. You can even do this from the passenger seat of a car, but don't do yoga while you are driving.

20 Minute Vinyasa Flow Yoga--Vitality Flow

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Join Tier 3 Certified Baptiste Yoga Instructor, Kari, for this powerful vitality flow sequence. This flow will get your breath moving and your blood pumping. You can modify this flow to fit your level. The most important gift you can give yourself is staying with your breath. Everything else is just details. I hope you enjoy these weekly flows. Please, consider supporting the show by becoming a member of my Patreon.

20 Minute Fun Vinyasa Yoga Flow

Join Tier 3 Certified Baptiste Yoga Instructor, Kari, for a fun vinyasa flow sequence. This practice will take you through an out of the ordinary sequence that touches several different dimensions. Notice the way your breath moves and flows throughout this short practice. As always, we end with a short savasana. If you enjoy this content, please consider joining my Patreon. Love you, friend!